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Tai-yue bowed to each one of them (with folded arms)。 strapon harness

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"Ask the young ladies in," dowager lady Chia went on to say; "tell them a guest from afar has just arrived, one who comes for the first time; and that they may not go to their lessons." best strap on

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the servants with one voice signified their obedience, and two of them speedily went to carry out her orders.

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Not long after three nurses and five or six waiting-maids were seen ushering in three young ladies. the first was somewhat plump in figure and of medium height; her cheeks had a congealed appearance, like a fresh lichee; her nose was glossy like goose fat. She was gracious, demure, and lovable to look at.

the second had sloping shoulders, and a slim waist. Tall and slender was she in stature, with a face like the egg of a goose. Her eyes so beautiful, with their well-curved eyebrows, possessed in their gaze a bewitching FLASH. At the very sight of her refined and elegant manners all idea of vulgarity was forgotten.

the third was below the medium size, and her mien was, as yet, childlike.

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